My rates reflect my preference for extended dates and long-term connections. Most dates begin much the same way as dates do in the "real" world-- over a shared meal or activity.  These kinds of dates allow us to establish the kind of suspenseful, intoxicating chemistry that makes dating so fun in the first place! 

Over time, I've found they lead to the most fulfilling experiences for both me and you, and sustain friendships that never seem to get boring! 


4 hr | Dinner & Drinks


6 hr | Night on the Town


14 hrs / 16 hrs | Fantasy Sleepover

$4,500 / $5,000


24-hr | Escape



Vacations, Excursions, & Weekends Away?

Reach out to discuss!


1-hr Introduction 

(Only Available on Tour)

1.5hr Taste (NYC minimum)



2 hr | Afternoon Tryst



3 hr | Indulgence 





I absolutely adore seeing couples! So that we can all have a chance to get to know each other and get comfortable, please plan for a 2hr minimum date and add $300 to the total donation.



 Same Day-Appointments 

 I have an extremely busy personal schedule which sadly prevents me from being able to accept same-day appointments in New York.  I  recommend reaching out as far in advance as possible as your schedule allows, with 1-2 weeks being ideal.  I will take the time to emphasize it is never to early to reach out, and I adore my fellow planners.




All dates from new friends require a non-refundable, $100 deposit which can be paid through one of several discreet methods.   If I have to cancel our date (extremely unlikely!), your deposit will be refunded promptly. If you need to cancel our date, the deposit can be applied to a future date... so only be sure to book if you're certain you can make your appointment :). 


Cancellation Policy 

I understand -- things happen! However,  just like any valuable specialist you might seek out (your doctor, hair stylist, massage therapist), I require 24-hours notice for all cancellations.

Cancellations made with less than 24-hours notice incur a $200 fee. With less than 12 hours, a fee equivalent to 50% of the total donation.



Fly Me to You 

For most East Coast cities, please plan for a 6-hr+ date, 25% deposit, and all first/business-class train or airfare paid for in advance. 

If you live on the other side of the country, let's plan for a sleepover, or perhaps a full weekend adventure!




Extended Dates & Overnights 

I so appreciate my adventure-partners understanding that I require 6-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep on overnights. For 24+hour engagements, I require 7-8 hours of beauty sleep and 2 hours of alone time to handle personal matters and maintain my fitness regimen.

To arrange a date longer than 24+ hours, a 25% deposit will be required and all travel paid in advance. For my privacy, I will book all of my own travel.



First Timers & Curious Lurkers

Welcome! I'm so flattered you're considering diving into this world with me! I suggest all new friends carefully review my website -- particularly my FAQ and Etiquette pages. My Twitter & Curious Cat are other good sources for asking questions for getting a sense of whether we'll get along!




90-minute  minimum; outcall fee may apply during tours to cover transportation, please inquire.



While I am extremely selective about whom I spend time with, I will never discriminate based on ethnicity, gender, size, or ability. 




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