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Q: How should I present my donation? 
A: Let's take care of it right away so that we can get right to the good part!


-If we're meeting behind closed doors... please place your donation in the bathroom in an unsealed, unmarked envelope near the start of our date. This will also give you the chance to freshen up or pop one of my breath mints :). 

-If we have a fun public date planned...  And it's the first time we've met, present your gift in a card/envelope inside a gift bag or book (or other innocuous item.. feel free to get creative!). You can also take care of payment ahead of time electronically.  


 If you choose to present the donation in a  book, be sure that the book is big enough to fit the envelope!


Q: What is your ethnicity?

To keep it simple, my roots & looks reflect a blend of Northwest European.


But, according to my 23andme, my ancestors were quite prolific and adventurous lovers, so, I also check most boxes on the DNA world map.  Most people can't guess this, but I have just a dash of Latina that you can thank for my curves, eyes, and cheekbones! 


Q: What is your sexual orientation?

I strongly believe sexuality is on a spectrum, and few of us are on either extreme.  Without a doubt, this world has intensified my attraction to women.   I absolutely love seeing couples and am always excited when I'm able to add one of my beautiful friends to our date.


Q: What will you be wearing?  

A: It depends where we're meeting! My many "past lives" allow me to blend in nearly anywhere you have in mind. If you're coming to me, my default is a cocktail dress and heels.


For outcalls to hotels and private residences, discretion is always my main priority and I aim to blend in. Depending on the season, time, and city, I will arrive in modest clothing that suits the occasion-- typically business-casual or casual attire.

Q: Do you take special outfit requests?

A: I want this to be your fantasy date! If I have it in my closet, absolutely!


There are, however, appropriate ways to do this. You may suggest anything I'm wearing in my gallery/Twitter or a general style of dress (casual, cocktail dress, thigh-highs/garter, Lululemon).


Be sure if we're meeting on a tour that you tell me before I travel so I can make sure it's packed!  


Q: What should I bring to our date? 

A: Unless you have special requests, you just need to bring yourself. If we're spending more than an hour together, drinks to start the evening is always a good idea. 


Q:  Can I bring a gift? 

Gifts are always fun! Pop over to my wishlist for ideas.

Q: What do you like to drink/eat?
Drink: I prefer red wine. Pinot Noir and Malbec are my favorites, but anything bubbly is fun, too! When the occasion calls for it... I opt for top-shelf tequila. 


Food:  I would strongly prefer that you not bring sweets to our dates (even vegan, gluten-free ones!).  Between my Type-A devotion to a healthy lifestyle and serious food allergies, I would hate for your lovely gesture to go to waste. 


If you'd like to bring snacks... fresh fruit, nuts, or charcuterie will be devoured :). 


Q: Are there any types of restaurant you can't go to? 
Unfortunately, Chinese and Japanese are difficult for me. Everything else is fair game! I love New American, Italian, Spanish/Tapas,  Meditteranean, Thai... and anything unique or different. 


Q: What's your cancellation policy?

A: I require 24 hours of advance notice.  

Dates canceled with less than 24 hours will incur a $200 cancellation fee, less than 12 hours incurs 50% of the total donation.


Q: What forms of payments do you take? Do you take electronic payments? 

A: I accept cash, prepaid gift cards, and electronic payments. Please give me advance notice if you plan to present a gift card and include a receipt. I am open to discussing electronic payments if we have met previously. 


Q: Where is your incall located? 

A: I host from upscale, centrally-located hotels or private apartments. 


Q: But....where EXACTLY are you located?
A: I get it... I like planning my commute, too. However, I do not disclose my address until shortly before our date.


Q: Do you have any friends you could introduce me to? 
A: Yes! Please contact me to discuss :) 

Q: Are your photos real..? Recent? How can I be sure? Can you send me more? Do you blur your face because you have a giant face tattoo?
A: Very! My most recent photos were taken in March 2019. I only allow minimal retouching of my pictures, to ensure what you see is what you get. 


I will not send additional photos under any circumstances.  Like you, I have a vibrant social and career life in New York.  Privacy is an absolute must.


A: Do you have an age minimum or maximum? 

I do not have an age maximum.  I do, however, not see anyone younger than me (26).  Moreover, I take extra scrutiny when screening any potential date under 30.  While dates with men in their 20's can be enjoyable, I  require maturity, respect, and someone seeking a connection -- not a transaction.


A: Are you newbie friendly?

Absolutely. My suggestion to any less experienced client is to do a bit of research before reaching out. Ignorance will not be accepted as an excuse for engaging in disrespectful or inappropriate behavior.  




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